Flour Mills

Flour Mills
In Flour Industries, variety of materials includes Flour, Besan, Wheat, Flax Seeds, Grains, Rice, Oats, Cereals are processed broadly through Raw Material Storage , Milling Process, Recipe Mixing, Sorting & Screening Process to a fine or coarse powder form to be used in various applications.

The pneumatic conveying system of Silos Storage, Conveying, Batch Weighing, Recipe Mixing, Screening & Sorting solutions results in high efficiency & hygiene, which leads to minimal waste as each component of the produce can now be used in value added opportunities.

This provided a fantastic opportunity for local producers to increase both their domestic and global market sales, increasing the financial output of their plant. The greater advantage for the industry is to have Storage Silos with higher capacity to have vertical space arrangements thereby saving huge on raw material space at plant horizontally.

Benefits & Technical Specifications

  • Conveying rate - 150 to 15000 kg/hr

  • Space utilization

  • Stainless steel - SS 304/316 construction

  • Totally enclosed dust-free operation

  • Modular Design - providing flexibility

  • Traceability

  • Direct Container/truck feeding

  • Integrated with packaging machine

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