Biscuits & Cookies

Biscuits & Cookies
Biscuits and cookies are the largest segments in the bakery industry. Biscuits are ready to eat, convenient to use, and possess satisfactory nutritional quality. Increasing consumption of packaged and convenience foods, the availability of a variety of biscuits have provided a major boost to the industry with the rising industry trends plant needs to automate.

We offer a Complete solution for dosing, mixing and storage of multiple flours and sugars. A typical weighing and conveying system gives flexibility for online recipe change. Storage, distribution, dosing, homogenizer & pre-creamer solution for butter, oil, water etc. are integral part of such system & closed loop recipe control.

Benefits & Technical Specifications

  • Easy recipe changeovers

  • Elimination of manual intervation

  • Recipe secrecy

  • Automatic weighing of highest consumed ingredients

  • Stainless steel - SS 304/316 construction

  • Conveying rate - 150 to 15000 kg/hr

  • Volumatric and gravimetric Liquid dosing

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